Friday, 21 June 2013

Reasons behind the Growing Demand Of iPhone Application Development in UK 
Of late, businesses in UK seem to be in a rush to get iPhone applications built and target more customers. Here’s why everyone’s thinking along the same lines all of a sudden:

  • The tables have turned :Earlier, mobile marketing was a speculative channel, now it is not. In fact, for almost every business, a large percentage of their traffic comes from iPhone. That’s not a random guess; rather it’s something that even analytic support. So, the point is: the world is going mobile and businesses cannot afford to not to.

  • couldn’t get better than this:Till a few years back, there was no variety if you talk of iPhone application development in UK. Today, applications vary and can be easily distinguished on the basis of their purpose, design, and cost. In fact, the technologies used also bring a certain degree of variation. Now businesses have applications that allow their customers to find the nearest beach resort. They also get to leverage apps that have the power to revolutionise an entire industry. To cut the long story short: customers have a powerful hardware in their hands, and businesses can NOW use it to their advantage. 

  • Times have changed (and so has the technology!) :You got to understand this: writing apps is one thing, being able to write them in different ways is another. Now that mulch-device frameworks and HTML5 are here, the latter is indeed possible. And it’s not as if this is the only change; there has been in fact, a huge change in terms of affordability. With applications that can be developed for as low as £7,000, now is the time when businesses start acting, and they are. 

  • Non-formulaic approach is long pass:App developers now follow a formulaic approach and believe in undertaking quick, innovative development. With this approach, they have been businesses in driving more traffic to the web via an alternate route – app development.       
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